Garden Maintenance in Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands

Weed em' and reap!

Garden Maintenance for Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands

Garden maintenance in Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands in Glasgow is one of those joys that regardless of whether you love it or loathe it – it takes time. The time that not all of us have readily available. That is where our Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands in Glasgow garden maintenance packages help people keep their gardens in the shape they want. We work with all types of gardens in Glasgow and help people create individual garden maintenance packages to suit their needs and budgets.

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” so we take the time to meet and discuss a tailored garden maintenance plan in Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands in Glasgow to suit you and your garden. Depending on the size and maturity of your garden in Giffnock, Pollokshields & Newlands in Glasgow, most people consider a fortnightly visit during the key growing season and an autumn/winter tidy up. During our visit, we will cut the lawn, do some weeding, trim the hedges and prune shrubs. Everything to keep your garden in Glasgow looking it’s best.

We also understand that while you want your garden to look its best, you want local garden maintenance company in Glasgow you can trust and depend on, and one that fits your budgetary requirements. Our lawn care specialists have the experience needed to apply our treatments and follow any unique instructions you may have. They listen closely to your instructions, taking extra care to meet or exceed your expectations. Our specialists work diligently to follow your instructions to the letter and to do what they do best, which is care for your garden, ensuring your lawn is healthy and looks its finest.

How we can help

Garden Maintenance Services

Mow the lawn

An essential part of garden maintenance is keeping the grass looking fantastic. When it comes to cutting the grass we don’t simply turn up, cut the grass and leave. Far from it! We cut the grass with the best lawn mowers, ensure everything is edged with the sharpest blades and then use blowers to ensure everything is removed from the lawn. Not only does this ensure the grass looks immaculate – but ensures better growth and healthier lawn. So if you are considering grass cutting as part of your garden maintenance in Bearsden or Milngavie, then give us a call.

Trim the hedge

Professionally trimmed hedges really bring a garden to life. It’s like framing a beautiful picture. Most of our Bearsden or Milngavie customers get us to trim their hedges as part of their garden maintenance packages. Our aims are to ensure that the hedges look immaculate while encouraging new growth. We also take the time to pick up every cutting so that it doesn’t affect any of your plants or grass when we leave. If you would like to consider hedge trimming as part of your garden maintenance then simply give us a call and we will advise on the frequency needed.

Tree work

Trees are not only central to the life of the planet but also bring a garden to life. We can assist you with all your aboricultural needs. Our services include coppicing, felling, crown reduction, reduction and thinning, branch removal and planting. So whatever tree work you need in Bearsden or Milngavie then contact Garden forces for a competitive quote.

Latest treatments & technology

People in Glasgow know that we offer the most current technology when it comes to garden maintenance. We are constantly looking for the best products and the newest techniques to provide top quality care to our customers. We also know that when it comes to your garden, only premium service and products are acceptable. That's why we do our homework so that we deliver the latest lawn care innovations to your Glasgow garden, making your lawn and garden the most envied garden in the neighbourhood.

Lawn treatments

Each of our Bearsden or Milngaive lawn care specialists has been trained to deliver our services and to understand how our treatments work. They are skilled in how to apply them to achieve the optimum results, ensuring your garden receives optimum care. Our services are incomparable and our specialists are unrivalled. What makes our lawn care experts so different is that they care and have the expertise to accomplish the task. Choosing our team to deliver your garden care in Glasgow is the smart choice. We will provide your garden with the care and treatments your lawn needs to grow and achieve the healthy green colour and to become lush and thick.

Friendly face & chat (included)

While some may find caring for their Bearsden or Milngavie garden relaxing, most find it to be a chore, and one that takes up valuable time that could be spent with friends or family. We want to take that burden off your shoulders and give you your free time back. Imagine what you can get done without having to fuss over your trees, shrubs and lawn. No painful bending and stooping pulling weeds or climbing ladders and reaching to clip and trim would be wonderful, wouldn't it? That's why we are here, caring for Glasgow gardens, giving you back your precious free time with peace of mind, that all your lawn care needs will be met.


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